Bing Flowerz

There are many variations and styles to puzzle games, but none more so than Flowers which can be played on Bing for free. If you are familiar with bubble games in which you need to group them together in particular colours before you can pop them, Flowerz is something similar in terms of game play. However, at the same time, everything about it is different too. Think of this title as a mix between a puzzle game and gardening, however mundane and crazy that may sound. Flowerz is one of the hottest games that you can play online for free these days because of its uniqueness and playability.

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In a nutshell, Flowerz on Bing is a matching game in which you will need to group flowers of the same colour together before they can be taken out. The flowers are required to be in groups of threes to be considered a successful pairing. On the screen, there is a garden with some flowers in it that you need to move so that you may be able to pair them. Now, above this garden are the flowers that will be coming up next when you tap the screen. So for instance if there are two red flowers on your garden that are beside each other, you will need to wait for a similar one to appear on the queue so that you can pair them together. Once you have done that, the flowers will be taken out.

The objective of the game is to complete all the levels you will be playing in. In queue of the flowers, it will indicate how many of them are remaining. This number represents how much of them you have to get rid of before the level is considered to be complete. Not all of the items that appear on the queue are flowers, by the way. Sometimes, trowels or “mini shovels” appear which you can use to take out unsuccessful pairings of flowers. This is especially handy when you are running out of space to put the flowers in due to the limited amount of slots on your screen. The flowers and trowels appear at random and cannot be anticipated at all. Every time you play a new game, a different set of flowers appear.

Flowerz’ appeal comes not only from its one-of-a-kind game play but also because of its ingenuity of using flowers as a gaming medium, especially for a puzzle game. In addition, the graphics are commendable for a free online game plus the background music is especially perfect for the ambiance of the game. While the game can be difficult at times, one cannot help but be transported to a “zen” state while playing Flowerz on Bing. Finally, there is no charge when you play this game online. However, the download version for the Android costs a small amount. So as long as you have Internet connection, you can play this anytime while you are using your computer. Have fun and good luck!