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If you grew up in the last few decades, then Family Feud is something that is familiar to your ears. In fact, you may even be a fan of the show. The chances of that happening are a lot because everybody loves the show! Family Feud is one of the best game shows to have ever been aired on television and has become a part of entertainment history. Now you can relive it and become a participant of the show by playing in Bing games’ Family Feud. If you have always wanted to become part of the show but have never found the time, opportunity or benefit of living in the country, now is your chance!

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By some reason you are not familiar with Family Feud because you’ve been living under a rock, the show is basically a guessing game. However, in the TV show, you get to play it with your family. Since this version is a video game, technically you will be doing it on your own. Well, in this case it would be better to play on your own than trust the AI of the game if there was one. Who knows what that artificial intelligence would spew out? Now the concept of the game is the “host” will ask you a question and there are a few possible answers for it. The answers, left blank, are on the board and you have to guess them all. The answers are ranked from highest to lowest, in which the highest one would get you the most points.

This is a game that involves intelligence and your knowledge of trivia. Of course, most of the time common sense is just what you need to get the answers right. Believe it or not, some of the questions with the most obvious answers are what most players get wrong because of time pressure or stress from the urgency of the situation. On the other hand, some people are just not knowledgeable enough on most matters. Bing games’ Family Feud is a title that you can enjoy free of charge, anytime you want to play it. Of course, you need to have an Internet connection to be able to do so. Other than those requirements, nothing else is needed for you to enjoy the game.

Family Feud’s appeal is partly due to its interactivity. While you are playing, the host will be speaking as well during certain instances. This can give you the illusion that you are actually playing in the real live game show, even if you are only using your computer. The controls are insanely easy. Point and click to perform some actions and when the time comes you need to input an answer, just move your cursor and click the slot so that you may be able to type in your answer before you tap the submit button. Finally, being a free game and all, this is something that you should be paying for but do not need to. So if you’re looking for great games for free, this should definitely be a part of it.