Coaster Racer 3 Cooler Math Games

Coaster Racer 3 is one of the best games I played. I personally really like racing games. In fact, when I was a kid, I was playing GTA just because of the cars. I would choose one, and just drive it around the different areas. I know that sounds weird, but hey – it was fun back at the time !

Your goal is to finish the different races at the first place. It may sound easy, but the levels are pretty hard actually. You start with a buggy, and later on you can choose to race with a bike. There are many different levels (races). You have to win them all, and as I mentioned – it won’t be easy. The first 3 levels are not as hard, which is a good thing. Practice, and you will see how much you can improve. There are many curves and obstacles – you have to deal with them quickly. At the right side of the screen you can see your position, aim to be the first one.


Use the arrow keys to control the wheel. I know that some people connect their PC to a big TV, and use a wireless keyboard to play this game. This sounds really fun to me, but unfortunately I yet found a long enough HDMI cable. So for now – I play this great game on my computer. I was really hoping to find a mobile version of the game (Android or iPhone) – but it seems like there is no one – probably because the game is pretty old. Fortunately, there are many other racing games that you can download and play on your smartphone for free. One of them is Real Racing 3 . This game is great, the graphics are amazing.

Some will say that Coaster Racer 3 is one of a kind game, and I tend to agree with that. It is very unique. It is not the most advanced game, and the graphics are not that amazing – but still, something about it just makes it so addicting. Me and my friends play this game at least one time a week.

I really like the upgrades you can buy in the game. By racing you collect coins, and later on you can use them to buy cool upgrades that will make each race much easier for you. Sounds coo,  right? then Play now!