Zuma’s Revenge – All Levels

Zuma’s Revenge is probably one of the most popular games online. I personally played it over 10 years ago, and even today – I like it very much. All you have to do is shoot colorful balls, combine them with others and “clear” the levels as fast as possible. The only problem is – it is not as easy as you think. Eventually, the balls stack up, and quickly after that – you lose.

zuma 2

There are many “experts” online that can play this game amazingly well. Below you can see a video showing ALL the Zuma’s Revenge levels.

This video can really help, you can develop your own strategy after watching it. Feel free to send your friends a link to Zuma’s Revenge, I am sure they will like it very much as well. If you completed the game (WOW !), check out other free bing games on our website. Some of them are really cool actually – like Flowerz. It is very challenging, but in my opinion -not as fun as Zuma’s Revenge. You can also find games like Family Feud here. Play them all and see which game you like the most. Then, share it with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. This will also help us very much 🙂

zuma 1